Week 12 – Artist Interview – Timothy Cooper

This piece was so inspirational. It was something so simple but it really made me think. I enjoy looking at pieces that made me think. When I read the introduction to this piece it blew me away.

wpid-20141113_110539.jpgThe art piece itself “is meant to bear witness to the ability of multiple individuals to work together to produce a positive personal, social, and aesthetic experience.” This made me think about how much we could get done if we all just worked together. Multiple people worked hard to produce this piece from September to October.

wpid-20141113_110557.jpgAs seen here, the plates aren’t too detailed they do have the circles towards the center. There was a total of 145 plates in this piece, all the plates were identical. They created a formation like an “x” as seen in the following picture.

wpid-20141113_110547.jpgIt was beautiful to look at because many people came together for this one piece. They worked together to make sure this got done. If only people could work this hard so we can get things done together rather than individually and compete against each other, I can only imagine what the world could really be. It was inspirational, yet it made me a bit upset. Why can’t we all do this?

Too often plates are used for different reasons. Whether it’s for “practical, personal, or communal,” we all use this common household item. We all have so much in common and if we took a moment to realize that instead of focusing on ourselves more than half the time the world could really change.

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