Week 11 – Classmate Interview – Freddy Varela

image So this week my partner was Freddy. He’s majoring in recreational therapy. His goal is to pursue a career in therapy for people who are disabled. He is Mexican-American. We talked about stereotypes and how some people just assume all Hispanics are Mexican when it’s not the case. It’s idiotic for people to think that and honestly after a while, considering the fact that I’m Salvadorian-American, it’s tiring to have to always correct people. Thankfully he understood which is why he usually doesn’t assume people’s ethnicity. During our talk we also talked about cars and how he was going to get his car fixed. He said he needed to fix the clutch on his car. I immediately got excited because stick shift cars have clutches. I also drive stick shift, which is how we then started talking about the struggle of being the only one in your group of friends that drives stick. Of course, there are also perks. On the one hand, if you’re DD for the night you cannot drink at all because nobody else would be able to take over the wheel for you. In contrast, if someone wants to drive your car you can always say no because they can’t drive stick. In this way you completely avoid talking about how you don’t trust people to drive your car lol. I enjoyed talking to Freddy and he seemed like a very easy going person. He’s very friendly. We also talked about what he did for Halloween and he said he ended up working which is a good things cause he’s making moneyyyy. lol. :)$$

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