Week 11 – Artist interview – Wesley Hicks

This gallery, I thought, was the most interesting of the art. I noticed often the pieces by Hicks was arranged in pieces. They were also very small in size compared to pieces in previous galleries. The pieces were absolutely beautiful, I thought.

wpid-20141106_111020.jpgAs we can see here the pieces are separated into pieces. What I was not expecting was the material included in each of the pieces. Here we see fur and string mixed in with the main content clay. I look at this and think it may have something to do with nature and how it’s broken and many things interfere with natures path. For example, buildings, concrete, anything man made honestly.

wpid-20141106_111027.jpgI’m not too sure what this represents but I thought it was such a statement piece. There wasn’t too much going on in this piece so it made me really focus on the center pieces on each of the squares. I personally loved the center piece. It had sort of a galaxy theme to the sphere. It was beautiful and I felt like it represented much of our earth. There is so much more going on around the earth we may be unaware of, like other galaxies.

wpid-20141106_111012.jpgThis piece looked a lot like buildings to me. Here this piece looked like a spray can was sprayed on top and the sides were done with paint. They seemed cracked like some external force had acted on the pieces, such as an earthquake.

wpid-20141106_110937.jpgTHESE! My favorite of all the pieces! I just loved how it looked. This glitter was so soft not too bright but bright enough to be noticed.

wpid-20141106_110942.jpg wpid-20141106_110932.jpg

These were just additional pieces found throughout the gallery including my favorite piece. The orange base and strange geometrical figures on top.

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