Week 11 – Activity – Your Turn!

I’m not a person who enjoys a lot of media technology to create art. I enjoy sketching & watching how my art comes to life on a piece of paper. I usually use pencil. This week I decided to step a little outside my comfort zone and use sharpies. The idea is still the same but the intensity would be greater. Each streak would change. Pencil gives more detail on my art. Sharpie combines lines together and creates a different feel on a sketch I think. I’m more detail oriented which is why I usually use pencil.

I start here. New blank sheet of paper.


Next we get to work with a pencil I need a rough sketch of what I see in my head.

wpid-20141109_195320.jpgWe have an outline made of pencil!


After a few rough sketches I create an outline of my goal with a sharpie now and a little detail.

wpid-20141109_195925.jpgWe add a couple features onto the face.


Add some more detail and fill in some more features on the face.

wpid-20141109_201115.jpgAnd wah-la! My final product. It should be The Joker from batman. Some see it some don’t lol. Regardless it was only a quick sketch haha cut me some slack!

I enjoyed this. Usually we do activities that are sometimes difficult for me just because I’m very detail oriented but this week was different. Sketches are fun. 🙂

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