Week 9 – Classmate Interview – Diana Garcia


This week I spoke to Diana. I found out she’s a first year Psych Major. When I asked her why she chose Psychology as her major she said she had taken an AP Psych class in high school. When she took the AP exam she passed and got credit, so unfortunately she’s not taking any classes for her major at this time. When I asked her why she’s taking this class she let me know she took 5 years of art. I was a bit confused at first, because high school is only 4 years. She said at her old school, Oxford high school, they combine junior high and high school. That made much more sense to me lol and we laughed it off. She is more interested in sketching and painting. We also talked about movies. She enjoys marvel and fantasy movies. Also, she enjoys to read. I, on the other hand, am the opposite. I’d rather watch movies. We both do enjoy Harry Potter though. I asked her if she was one of those people that reads the book and criticizes the movies when they come out. She confessed and laughed and said sometimes it was hard to not criticize them. Also, last but not least she’s half Salvadorian, while I’m full Salvadorian.

We both found an interest in the “Kingdom at Hand.” There were multiple artists throughout the room. We looked at multiple pieces and took a picture by this Lauryn Hutchens.



And this is an additional piece I found interesting.


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