Week 9 – Artist – Coral Taluban



I loved this gallery. I really enjoyed seeing the inspiration in all the pieces. In particular I enjoyed this piece by Coral Taluban. In her written piece to the audience she talks about how she was inspired by this piece by a particular passage that talks about a treasure. The treasure is the love of god. The treasure is held inside a jar. Coral feels that in a way we are all fragile and broken, just like the jar. If you look closely at the jar it has gold glitter inside which is representative of the treasure, I think. and it’s shattered in an upward motion at an angle. It makes me think that if the jar represents us as a people broken and shattered, and the jar is going upwards, is it us going up to heaven? It made me really curious and I just love the set up of the piece itself.

wpid-20141023_112336.jpg wpid-20141023_112048.jpg


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