Week 8 – Classmate Interview – Craig Wigboldy

Craig. He was sitting on his skateboard when we decided to pair up and realized I recognized his face. He’s friends with Grant, one of my other classmates. I learned they had actually both gone to the same high school Valley Christian. On his spare time he enjoys snowboarding and hanging out with friends. He wants to go to nursing school and hopes to work as a nurse in pre-op or post-op. Going into the medical field myself, I knew exactly what he meant. Either, preparing or finishing up surgeries. He likes all type of music as long as he can understand the lyrics. We made a joke about screamo, neither of us likes that music. He is a little skeptical about country music but there are songs that he does enjoy. In high school he played volleyball and football. He’s 21 but a third year. When I asked him how that could be he confessed that he started a year late into school because  he didn’t pass the entry exam into private school so he had to wait another year. He said the entry exam dealt with blocks and somehow he may not have set them up correctly. Lol I wouldn’t know I didn’t go to privates school. He also enjoys watching action movies and his favorite movie is Shooter. I, on the other hand, enjoy scary movies and those two types couldn’t be more different. He said scary movies because they seem unrealistic. I am pretty gullible and enjoy watching them but I also did agree sometimes they are unrealistic.

This is us 🙂


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