Week 8 – Artist Interview – Christopher Wilden

I was going around the galleries and looked at all the pictures. I saw few that I liked and was originally going to write on this piece.


As well as this one.


They were fascinating to see but I couldn’t really find any kind of connection with the pieces.

Then I saw this one in the “Then and Now” gallery.



The image seems to encompass social media and how it’s changed theĀ religious practice of praying. I have experienced this when I’m scrolling through my facebook and there’s an image of a dying baby or an animal suffering and the caption says “like = prayer” or something like that. Reading things like that makes me want to report their posts. I think they’re some of the most idiotic posts I have ever seen. Just because you like a picture doesn’t mean it really equals one prayer. Now because of social media some people automatically give in to these posts and like it just because it does equal a prayer. If you really want to pray for some one or some act in the world go to church or actually pray for those people not just liking some one’s picture. This image made me proud and I hope more people see this type of art. Before social media people actually prayed more and felt the need to be religious. Now, liking a post seems satisfactory when it shouldn’t be. I loved this piece and I felt that it fit into this gallery perfectly.

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