Week 8 – Activity – Personalizing Our Blogs

This week our assignment was to personalize our blogs.

This was my before:web2web

Pretty plain. All I had done was just posted by blogs and I was done with my weeks worth of assignments. This week I decided to do more.

Although all the public is able to see is this:


The premium version allows you to do so much more and I wish I had the money to do more on my site. From what I edited I wish you could see this:



The font and background are so much different on the premium version. There are still tiles so each post has it’s own web page. I did add an about me as well.

I chose the background of Los Angeles because it’s where I’m from. It’s where I grew up and I’m proud to state that’s my city. The picture posted in the background also is taken at night. I love the city during the day, don’t get me wrong, but at night the city seems to come alive. On the weekends the streets have such a variety of people and languages; it fascinates me. I also like the alignment. It’s all leveled out correctly. None of the pictures are sticking out it makes perfect lining. I love the variety in different sizes of pictures per blog post. I wish you could see the colorful one. But I’m content with the basic one as well. 🙂


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