Week 7 – Artist – Nicholas Gaby

When I first walked into the room I was thrown off & thought “What just happened to this wall?”

Then I realized that was the art it was a room that let to a corner. It was strange and empty (or so it seemed). Then you really had to look close as to what was in the room.

There were tiny little cones and shells and what looked like tiny pots in the corners bundled up together and what looked like it was thrown onto the floor. It wasn’t all the pieces together at all though. Some pieces were 5 feet apart maybe more but when you saw could see multiple that were bundled up together.



And finally when you walk completely towards where the two walls meet there just one little cone alone halfway up the wall. I didn’t understand that at all. Then I read the paper on the wall. The piece is called stratum. When I think of that word I think of layers. It seemed like that’s what the room represented.

When I first looked at it I just saw the two walls meeting together and that was it. When I looked closer I saw that it wasn’t just an empty room but it was more to it. When you walked into the room you could see what more the room had to offer. It had multiple layers that not everyone takes the time to see or even appreciate. That’s why this week this was my favorite piece.

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