Week 7 – Activity – Bubble letters

This week was paint week! Personally, I’m not a big fan of paint I feel like it’s so messy but it’s still fun. Cleaning isn’t so fun. Haha

Anyways, we had to do our name in bubble letters and paint through it. I attempted to create a gradient with my name in my favorite color GREEN! I tried to create a lower dimension as well by adding a layer of red and black on the bottom of all the letters.

I first started out by stenciling out my name.

Then I darkened in the letters making sure each letter was in shaded in the letters afterwards.

Then I created the bottom layer where the dimension would go.

Then I’d use an eraser so while I was painting I could still see the outline but it wouldn’t be visible with paint on top.

This was the result of erasing it.

I outlined my letters with an oil pastel so the paint wouldn’t come out of the lines and it would stay inside.

It took a while to get the gradient just right but I finally got it.

Then when I added the black I liked it but I didn’t like it either.

It was still interesting to see how it turned out lol.

Painting is still interesting and I had to do this in my kitchen just because things are easier to clean on tile. Good thing my mom wasn’t home to see the mess I created! Haha.

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