Week 6 – Artist – Labyrinth Isaiah Ulloa

This gallery was very interesting. I remember walking in and just seeing this. I thought “What the hell is that on the floor? Is that snow?!”


When I looked at it from a different angle I realized it was a person lying on the floor.


I assumed the white material splattered all over the floor was a representation of snow. The person lying there looked helpless and lifeless. I was awed by the detail of the person and upon closer inspection realized it was a woman. She was buried in snow. I tried to connect the artwork to the name labyrinth. I had only heard that name because of a game I used to play called labyrinth. The goal of this game was to get a metal ball around nooks and crannies until you reached the end point of a maze without falling through the board. It was difficult. When I searched it up I got “An intricate structure of interconnecting passages through which it is difficult to find one’s way; a maze. (dictionary.search.yahoo.com).” I’ve watched multiple shows where people don’t make it through difficult terrains on “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” of the discovery channel and snow is one of them. What if treading through snow is one of them? In my opinion it would be. I think I’d be that person in the snow if I lived in the mountains. Of course, in an area that isn’t well populated. That’s terrifying! People could be up in snow right now dying because they couldn’t get out of the snow back to their cabin or back to civilization for that matter, while we’re here dying in this heat wave in California. This art work touched me and serve as a reality check to watch where I’m going and be careful.

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