Week 5 – Classmate Interview – Austin Naud

imageMy classmate this week was Austin Naud. He’s a second year undeclared major. He mentioned he might end up majoring in business because it’s such a broad major. When I first talked to him I did notice him skateboard (as seen in the picture above). I asked him if he could surf and he chuckled and said he could surf but it wasn’t his main interest. He really enjoys soccer, it’s his favorite sport to play. He taught me a few things about soccer like penalty kicks and yellow and red cards and their meaning. I personally am not a big soccer fan but he made it rather interesting. I realized when he would answer my question he directly answered it and he would get quiet again. I asked him if he was shy and he said yes. Lol. I personally like meeting shy people just because once they get comfortable it’s when they become really big talkers and when I asked him if he was like that he agreed. He also told me about how he travels to France every 3 years and in addition to France he travels to another city or country in Europe. My response to this was “That’s scary.” When he asked me “why?” I told him it was because of the movie “Taken.” I love the movie but it made me frightful of traveling to Europe. Overall I enjoyed the conversation I had with Austin and I look forward to seeing him in class. 🙂

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