Week 5 – Artist – Melanie Willhide

First let me start by saying how hard it was to find the artist with the correct photography!

I picked one photograph that seemed particularly interesting to me and tried to find the artist that took it. This photograph caught my attention just because of what seemed like a messed up picture. I later found the picture was called “T AND V MESA ELKS” The top of the picture seemed fine but the bottom seemed wrinkled like if something had gone wrong with the printer or there was a defect in the camera itself. I never thought someone would want a picture with a defect such as this one and it made me interested in how she touched the photo to do this.

It was no easy task! When I did find the artist that matched the photograph, I realized most of her photographs had that same defect. Some had overlapping effects such as “T AND V MESA ELKS.”

percieved_resemblancethis_is_not_a_paintingThese pictures were so interesting to me. Each uniquely has it’s own chaos and overlapping of effects. I really enjoyed seeing each of her pieces online. Unfortunately, it didn’t have an introduction page where it explains what each photograph means. I think it might be left up for the audience to interpret.

The picture I was interested in was under a gallery named “to Adrian Rodriguez with love.” In this gallery they all seem to have a symmetrical effect, or an effect on only half the photograph such as these.


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