Week 5 – Activity – Counter factual


This is me. I am your typical Plain Jane. I do NOT wear bright colors. I do NOT wear workout clothes out in public. I do NOT wear my hair up in a ponytail.

wpid-20140629_123304-1.jpg wpid-20140524_181356-1.jpg

I decided to go out of my comfort zone and wear workout clothes in public and put my hair up. I honestly felt like such a fit person lol. I didn’t like the fact that I was wearing such a bright colored yellow. That was DEFINITELY out of my comfort zone. It made me feel like everyone would be staring at me which made me feel so embarrassed.



I went out into my suburb and asked my neighbors what they thought my name was. They gave me “preppy” names such as Jenny or Cindy. They weren’t anything close to my name at all. When I asked them what they thought I was studying in school most of my neighbors thought I was studying “exercise”, which would be Kinesiology at our school. That is nothing like my major at all (Bio). I felt this weird vibe like they thought I was better than them because when they would answer my questions sometimes they gave me smirky looks like “Look at her she thinks she’s better than us.”

From this I learned that what you wear seems to give off a different impression of who you are to others. Clothes seem to say so much to some people and they judge you right away by it. I’m more of a plain jane and people usually don’t notice someone like me. Counter from that, wearing bright clothes and a pony tail made me feel so exposed and people seemed to be more honest and open with me when I did. I never realized how big of an impact your clothes can make of you. They can say whether or not you like exercising, or food, or attention, or your taste in music, etc. It’s kind of sad to think that some people are so quick to judge when it’s only coming from the type of clothes one is wearing.

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