Week 4 – Classmate Interview – Kiara Kensie

My classmate this week was Kiara Kensie. I first noticed she was really tall she’s 5’7 while I am only 5’1. BIG difference in height lol. She’s originally from Victorville but she wanted to get out of there and go to school anywhere but there lol. I learned she wants to travel to Europe and wants to have a friend that she can say “Hey let’s go to [insert name of country here]” but still hasn’t had the opportunity. I also learned she’s a picky eater, as am I, so this was interesting. We both have pretty sensitive tongues since we can taste the difference between similar foods. For example, we like the ranch from wingstop but not the ranch from red robin. The texture is just different and the taste and the smell, it’s just different. Also, we taste difference in burger meats. We agreed that in n out burgers don’t have the best burgers and the meat is just too thin from there. She also has an interest in piercings as do I lol. She has her nose and ears pierced and considered getting her cartilage pierced on her ears. Only thing is, everyone she knows has got that piercing infected. I told her to get it and just take care of it. 🙂 She taught me about what soul food is and how much she can cook. Since It was around lunch time it was making me hungry. She does sound like a very talented cook and i applaud her for that. Overall I enjoyed meeting her this week and I look forward to seeing her in class.

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