Week 3 – Artist – Patricia Rangel

The artist I spoke to this week was Trish, that’s how she introduced herself even though her name is Patricia lol. Trish is a sculptor who uses different types of material.
With these pieces she used dirt and cement. All the dirt used was collected from the central valley. The shapes on the ground and their orientation didn’t represent anything, she said, but she arranged them in a way she saw the central valley.

This is a map as well. It doesn’t necessarily represent a certain area, but she arranged them to how she thought it represented the central valley.
This chain is made of brass with one gold piece. The gold piece i think was off to the side in a seperate piece of cement and dirt. I can’t remember for sure but I know she mentioned somehow it was connected to the cemetery.

I thought this one was interesting though because they had uniformity in shape but not size. It seemed to show connectedness and I like that. By looking at this piece I did feel some unity with this piece. When she had mentioned the gold piece it made me wonder if the gold piece represented someone or something higher than the rest of us. Would the gold piece represent a higher entity such as god? It really made me think and out of the three I think this one in particular was my favorite.


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