Wk2 – Instagram Week!



This was honestly one of the funnest assignments I’ve had. And when scrolling through all the posts it looks like a lot of other people had fun too. It’s interesting to see how diverse our interests and personalities are. Just by scrolling quickly through the posts it’s a splash of color of things that people do along with a bunch of selfies lol. Even though it was just an assignment, I feel people post about their day anyways on some sort of social media. You can easily see how everyone is connected, we all do similar things. We post about things we look at throughout our day such as the weather, food and people we see. Also, in these posts I feel like they’re relatable in some way. For example, if someone posted “Lunch” and a picture of what their meal will be, some people might comment “Looks good”, “TFTI (thanks for the invite)”, or put some type of emoji. Some of us might think that we completely have nothing in common with someone sitting three or four or ten rows ahead of me in class but looking through these posts suggests otherwise. There are multiple pictures of food, pets, daily activities, selfies, etc. The list goes on and on. I just love how this assignment showed the connectedness between all of us here in class. 🙂

And with that I leave it with this. #repost @albert_toes


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