Wk2 – Artwork Review- Abdul Mazid


Both Ari and I found this particular piece interesting. It’s a piece named “Celestial Bodies” by Abdul Mazid. It’s a piece, I felt, was made to be noticed. It easily reflected the light and upon closer examination noticed they were reflective baseball cards. The first thing I noticed was that it was in a circular shape. image

Upon closer examination of the piece you can see that each baseball card is uniformly flipped sideways. (No the picture isn’t flipped sideways lol.) Also, Ari pointed out that there was an additional card below the circle with a man with glitter on his face. I found this fairly strange as to why his face was covered up at all.

When I looked on GLAMFA he states that he is “interested in creating ‘what if’ and ‘why’ scenarios”. I really had a lot of those questions. Why would he flip them sideways? What is that man doing at the bottom of the piece? Why is he not at the top or the side? He also states that there isn’t just one interpretation of his pieces. I think it’s in a circle to represent the world and the reflectiveness of each card could be like a mirror and every person could be someone that great like the baseball players on those cards. Although, I don’t understand why the cards are flipped. They are flipped 45 degrees and it’s turning clockwise. It could be like a clock and that your time is running out to be someone.

It’s just my interpretation, of course there are many. 🙂

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