Wk1 – Classmate Interview – Kari Maehara


So this week my class mate was Kari Maehara. She is a first year and is undeclared at the moment. But that’s not really relevant, it was more of a conversation starter. Haha. We both are interested in piercings. I learned that we both have our bellies pierced. Also, she has the cartilage on her ear pierced while I have a tragus piercing. For those of you who don’t know, a tragus piercing is having an earring on the small cartilage sticking out of your ear (picture below). Also, this past summer we both traveled. She went to Hawaii twice this summer and I went to North Carolina, Arizona, and Central America.
imageMy tragus piercing 🙂

We were both interested in the picture “German Whiners” by Mathew Usinowicz. We didn’t really understand the picture at all. We didn’t understand how the hot dog and what seemed like a giant naval ship. We did notice the symmetry between both sides of the picture so we concluded there must be a connection between these two objects. Later, when I read more about the artist, he states that he was in the navy for four and how his experience in the navy showed him the “melding of the human and the machine.” By reading that I thought that okay the human body gets it’s nutrients from food (obviously.) and he’s from America. A typical American food is hot dogs. So on the one end of the painting we have a large hot dog with toppings. This could represent “America.” On the other end there is a naval ship, which to me represents what he traveled on for four years and what he called his new “home.” So, in the picture we’re on two ends of the spectrum, hence the rainbow spectrum in the back, one is America his “home” and on the other end the naval ship his “new home.”
“German Whiners”

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