Wk1 – Artwork Review – Gallery Pictures


Shelbi Schroeder “Indefinite Obsession”
I thought this portrait was so depressing. I feel like as a female in our society we are consistently being shown through media that we’re supposed to look a certain way and if you don’t you’re supposed to be ashamed of what you look like. I feel like in the picture the woman is looking into a mirror and the audience is the mirror she’s looking into. I feel like she’s looking into the mirror and thinking “I’m so ashamed” which is why she’s posing the way she is trying to hide certain things about her body that are, according to our society, not what a woman should look like. Also, in the photograph she’s wearing a piece of clothing that women use in order to make themselves appear thinner and curvier. This to me says that this woman is giving into the peer pressure of society and trying to portray herself as being thinner or more curvier than she really is. On the other hand, when she’s at home she sees what’s really there and what she actually looks like and that is what makes her feel ashamed. In a way I can relate because as a petite girl I feel like to be a woman you have to be curvy and healthy. You have to weigh a certain weight and you have to be pretty and happy all the time. I’ve learned from that not everyone is happy all the time and each of us have something we want to change. Some of us do have things we’d like to change more than others. I’ve learned to be content and not be ashamed of what I look like and embrace myself.


Heidi Kayser “After Image: Pieta”

This image to me looked like the general outline before you actually do a portrait of someone. For example, you can see the outline of where the head, breasts, and bottom portion of, what looks like, a woman to me. When I researched the artist I found her webpage, but I could not find the piece of art in the gallery. I decided I would look up just the name of the artwork and I did not get what I was looking for. I did, however, find that “Pieta” was the Virgin Mary holding Jesus by Michelangelo. Because of this newly found information, I looked at the image again and it looks like the below image.


Then, I thought why the artist would just create this work in it’s simplest form. It’s named “After Image” could after image mean after the Virgin Mary has passed away and it’s representing a spirit in it’s simplest form which is just the outline? I don’t really know what to think of this image. I’m so confused on what it could possibly mean.

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